ZIMIX Festival03

Saturday June 24
Geneva Arena &
Palladium, Switzerland






Amapiano & Afro House

Born in Cameroon and raised in Cameroon and Switzerland, Karter is a DJ/producer who is at the center of a new era in Amapiano music. The enigma is carving out an all-new sound that will resonate deeply with audiences around the world.

Karter makes music that embodies his hopes and dreams. For the talented DJ/Producer, music is an art form that reflects his experiences, and by using his gift, he can fully express himself and deliver a unique yet engaging and relatable musical experience.

Karter started DJing in 2018 focusing mostly on afrobeats, hip-hop, R&B and sounds of the future. Future sounds. The musician has seen his affinity for various genres of music embellished and firmly infused by icons such as Barry White, Salt-N-Pepper, Marvin Gaye, Manu Dibango and Pepe Kale. Other urban influences include Black Coffee for his love of music, Boddhi Satva for his authenticity, Jazzy Jeff for his longevity and technical skill. his longevity and technical skills. Today, Karter is an extremely versatile artist who is able to incorporate, integrate and accentuate his music across a plethora of known and niche genres. of known and niche genres.

Karter is also known as “The Sensei” and has received accolades for his work in the heart of Zurich, playing bars and clubs such as the Vior, Plaza, Hiltl, Hardone, and festivals such as the Afro Fashion Festival and the Afro Summer Jam. Pionnier bien établi de l’Amapiano à Zurich, il espère mettre la Suisse et l’Europe sur la carte de l’Amapiano.


Mix & Remix live stage Afro music

With more than 15 years of experience in the event industry, Marcus Lyon is a Cameroonian DJ & MC of Belgian culture who is taking his first steps on the turntables of the salsa bar in Brussels. With a residence now established in the canton of Vaud (Switzerland), the full-time nurse by profession (Marcus Lyon) declines offers from resident DJs in clubs that open their arms to him, to embark in 2010 on a his own style, which he calls: DJ & MC for mix and Remix live stage. It is in this very specific style that he will distinguish himself and will have the chance to accompany on stage renowned musicians as well as young artists of the Belgian music scene.

He was also able to perform on club and lounge bar stages, for private events. You will have understood it is a DJ & MC who mixes and Remixes Urban in a style all his own: THE REMIX LIVE STAGE.

From this set of Anglicisms, the rhythms he masters with passion are AFROBEAT HIP-HOP / DEEP HOUSE RNB / KIZOMBA / NAIJA OLD SCHOOL / DANCE HALL

Being newly installed in the Vaud region, Marcus Lyon has already ensured many major events:

  • DJ & MC for major Riviera matches
  • Lakers for the 2018/2019 season MC for the concept
  • Fawless at MAD located in Lausanne
  • DJ & MC for MKC EVENTS during the super production of international artist Flavor 2019
  • DJ & MC for many Queency parties located in Lausanne 2019
  • DJ & MC on August 1st for a great Urban & Latino evening at the island bar during the: winegrowers’ festival 2019
  • DJ & MC at the Carré in Vevey for an Urban & Latino 2019 evening
  • DJ & MC at NOWADAY in Vevey for a 2019 Halloween party

After the concerts, we celebrate the dance

L’afterparty du festival se déroulera à la salle de fêtes du Casino de Montbenon, sis à 8 minutes walk from the Métropole room. The public will then be able to dance under the turntables of the DJ’s lives qui seront présents jusqu’au bout de la nuit, tout en sirotant un cocktail, whisky ou champagne, ou en dégustant des brochettes de viandes ou végétariennes provenant d’un stand de nourriture de spécialités africaines spécialement pour l’occasion!

Montbenon Casino - Party room

Casino de Montbenon, located 5 minutes walk from the city center, in the middle of magnificent gardens, this place of cultural and social entertainment inaugurated in 1908 enjoys a breathtaking view of the mountains and Lake Geneva.

Equipped with a stage, a bar and a kitchen, the Salle des Fêtes is ideal for organizing a conference, a small show or a concert followed by an aperitif or a meal. . Extremely flexible, this space can accommodate up to 450 people depending on the layout.