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The Festival Ticket gives you access to the concerts in the Salle Métropole and to the Afterparty at the Casino de Montbenon.

Ticket category


Table reservations are exclusively reserved for people who have purchased tickets for the concerts.

There are no tickets for sale for the Afterparty.

To guarantee your access to the Afterparty, it is highly recommended to reserve your table. Because the Salle de fêtes at the Casino de Montbenon only has a capacity of 400 seats.

Discover our table formulas and the different zones present (West, Centre and East) on the layout plan below

Afterparty - Culinary tasting

Satisfy your taste buds during the dance party. The ZIMIX Festival invites you to a culinary tasting in the present food stand. Treat yourself

Afterparty - Bars available for all your thirsts

Fancy a good beer, champagne, whiskey, or simply a refreshing non-alcoholic drink, our bartenders will be happy to serve you. Cheers !

You can also reserve a standing table for a bottle of champagne or whiskey

lausanne - olympic capital

Discover Lausanne, Olympic Capital: visit museums, stroll in the parks, gardens or on the flowery quays, excursions on the lake or in the vineyards, sports and cultural activities, well-being and relaxation breaks, shopping and night outings. So go discover it and don’t miss any must-see!


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