ZIMIX Festival03

Saturday June 24
Geneva Arena &
Palladium, Switzerland




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What are the dates of the festival?

The festival begins on June 25 and will continue until the early morning of June 25, 2022.

Where does the festival take place?

The concert evening takes place in the Salle Métropole in Lausanne and the dance evening takes place in the Salle de Fêtes of the Casino de Montbenon.

Are there any age restrictions?

The ZIMIX Festival is a 16+ event and you will need to show proof of age to secure your entry. To purchase alcoholic beverages at the festival, you must be over 18 years old.

Minors under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult during the concert.

MINORS: Between 6 and under 16 years old

ADULTES: 16 years and older

What are the festival hours?

The doors of the festival open at 17h00 and close at 04h00

Is it outdoor or indoor?

The main stage of the festival is indoor.

For health reasons, I can’t go to the Festival. Can I get a refund?

Refunds are not possible unless you have taken out insurance with the point of sale.

When I go to the Festival in standing room only, can I bring a folding chair?

For safety reasons, objects such as helmets, folding chairs, umbrellas, flagpoles are strictly forbidden. A locker at the entrance of the Festival is at your disposal.

Where can I buy tickets?

Tickets are on sale at zimix.ch

How do I get my ticket back if I bought it online?

There is no need to pick up your ticket in person. If you bought it online, you must print your ticket or present it on your cell phone.

Does the price of tickets vary depending on the date of purchase?

Ticket prices increase incrementally, in batches, over time and each batch has a limited number of tickets. There may be special business conditions that temporarily change the value of tickets in a given lot.

Can I buy tickets on the day of the festival?

Yes, but only if they are not yet exhausted. If there are still tickets available, you can buy your ticket on the day of the festival at the entrance desk.

What does the General Note include?

This ticket guarantees access to the concert evening in the Salle Métropole and access to the dance evening at the Casino de Montbenon.

Can I upgrade my ticket?

This depends on the speed of ticket sales for each category. If there are tickets left for a specific category, we will allow upgrades.

When will I receive my ticket for the festival?

When the purchase is validated, you will receive your ticket directly by email.

Is it possible to resell or offer your ticket?

Private resale of your ticket or giving it as a gift to someone is possible. We only check IDs to verify the age of the ticket holder.

Do the tickets include drinks?

No, they do not include drinks. However, you will be able to buy a wide variety of drinks on site.

Who are the official ticket sellers?

Weezevent on the ZIMIX FESTIVAL website www.zimix.ch and TicketCorner

How can I change my personal information on my reservation?

No name changes are possible on ticket purchases.

What should I bring to guarantee my entry?

Bring your ticket and a valid photo ID. Please note that the name on your ticket must match your ID.

Can I cancel or sell my ticket?

All sales are considered final, so it is not possible to return or cancel the ticket purchase.

Can I request a refund for a table?

All sales are considered final, so it is not possible to refund a table.

Does the festival offer special assistance?

There is an area reserved for people with reduced mobility with an excellent view of the stage. All persons with reduced mobility, as well as their companion (one per person), are allowed to use this area, provided that both have a valid ticket. There are also dedicated W&C for people with reduced mobility inside the Metropole Hall. Every participant in the festival is very important to us, so let us know at the entrance and we will help you!

Will it be possible to pay in Euros on the day of the Festival?

Yes, it is possible to pay with cash in Euros and get your money back in Swiss Francs. On the other hand for a simplification the exchange rate is the parity 1 Euro = 1 CHF

I will be arriving early at the Festival, can I get something to eat?

The culinary tasting is offered only at the dance party at the Casino de Montbenon after the concerts.

What are the general rules of the festival?

  • Access is only allowed to people over 16 years old;

  • Minors under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult during the concert.

    MINORS: Between 6 and under 16 years old

    ADULTES: 16 years and older

  • All persons wishing to enter the festival grounds will be screened to ensure their personal safety;

  • Visitors agree to be photographed, filmed or recorded as part of the audience. All video, photographic and audio documents produced by the organization on the site may be used in the promotional material of the festival, without limitation of time and space, at the sole discretion of the festival and its organizers;

  • Alcoholic beverages are not served to persons under the age of 18 and to persons with visible changes in consciousness;

  • The festival has a security system in place, but is not responsible for lost or stolen items;

  • The organizer may refuse or prohibit entry to the festival to any person who is determined by event security to be likely, in any way, to endanger the safety of visitors or to cause any type of problem;

  • The organizer may decide to cancel the event for reasons of force majeure (storm, earthquake, cataclysm, etc.). If the event is cancelled due to force majeure, no new date will be set. In this case, no refund will be made to the owner of the ticket;

  • The ticket will be refunded if the festival is cancelled for any reason other than force majeure. No refunds will be made in the event of a one-time cancellation by the artists;

  • Participation in the festival is at the visitor’s own risk. The organizer is not liable for any damage suffered by a visitor as a result of his participation, unless the damage is a direct consequence of the organizer’s action or is due to his gross negligence;

  • The organizer reserves the right to change the time and program of the festival without notice;

  • It is strictly forbidden to use or distribute festival tickets for commercial purposes, marketing campaigns, lotteries and any type of contest without the written consent of the organizer. Legal action will be taken against any person or organization that chooses to ignore this prohibition.

What happens if the festival is cancelled because of Covid-19?

If the festival is cancelled, you will receive a full refund, minus the administrative and ticketing platform fees you paid in addition to the ticket price.

Can I bring food and drinks to the festival?

No food or drink will be allowed on the festival site.

Can I bring a bag to the festival?

Yes, you can. Your bag will be subject to inspection by law enforcement.

Can I bring cameras to the festival?

For legal reasons, you will not be allowed to enter the festival with a camera, video or sound recorder. However, you can use your cell phone or GoPro to record what will be the best festival you have ever attended. For security reasons, you cannot bring a selfie stick. No commercial use can be made of the images you have captured.

Can I enter and leave the concert hall?


Can I sell merchandise at the festival?


Are animals allowed in?

The entry of animals is not allowed, with the exception of guide dogs or assistance dogs for the blind, on condition that they present proof, in accordance with the legislation in force.

What items are not allowed inside the room?

  • Professional cameras (with detachable lens) not accredited ;

  • Non-accredited professional camcorders;

  • Explosive and pyrotechnic material;

  • Headsets;

  • Weapons or objects that can be used as weapons;

  • Selfie sticks or similar;

The organization does not have a warehouse and does not keep these items in its custody.

Can I enter the room with food and drinks?

It is forbidden to enter the room with any type of food, drinks, bottles, cans, glasses and plastic cups.

Can I be filmed inside the room?

Notices are posted at the entrances to the venue, informing all participants that images are being captured during the event.

By purchasing the ticket and entering the venue, you give your consent to the capture of images and/or videos during and within the festival. The images can be collected by different media at the event location. You also give your express consent to the dissemination of the captured images for information, promotion and any other purpose.