ZIMIX Festival03

Saturday June 24
Geneva Arena &
Palladium, Switzerland




The ZIMIX Festival is the meeting place for the population of Switzerland and elsewhere, honouring Africa, its musical wealth, its emerging talents and its great international music celebrities in a festive and sharing atmosphere. This intercultural and intergenerational contemporary music event takes place on the last weekend of June each year. The Festival will stand out by hosting internationally renowned Afro artists and emerging talents, thus attracting a large and varied audience.

The ZIMIX Festival promotes music genres less represented in Switzerland as well as other world music. The aim is to offer the public a large stage that presents Afro music concerts in the same way as pop, jazz and electro music, which are at the top of the cultural offer in Switzerland.

The Festival is part of the tradition of openness and diversity that Switzerland embodies. It is the continuation of the successful concerts organised by MKC EVENTS for several years and the success of previous editions.

Enjoying together while celebrating cultural diversity is one of the founding matrices of this festival.

Long term Vision

The ZIMIX Festival wants you to be able to experience this annual evolution alongside us. This indoor festival is the third in a long line. Our vision is great and we want to develop the ZIMIX Festival so that it becomes the reference in terms of indoor Afro music festival in Switzerland and Europe. It’s only the beginning of a big and long adventure


The ZIMIX Festival’s main mission is to promote contemporary Afro music with artists of diverse origins.


The main values put forward in the ZIMIX Festival are in particular discovery, accessibility, sharing and environmental responsibility.

Sustainable development

The setting up of an event generates an impact on the environment and taking this into account is a priority for the ZIMIX Festival.

The Festival will seek to reduce its ecological footprint over the years with continuous improvements at every level. This will be translated into measures.

We think “eco-mobility”.

  • Organisation of the Festival in a location close to a railway station and public transport
  • Encouraging artists to travel by train (Paris – Geneva)
  • Setting up free shuttle buses to transport the public between the concert hall and the Afterparty hall.
  • Encourage and promote public transport and carpooling

We think about “waste management”.

  • The use of reusable or compostable cups,
  • The implementation and management of selective waste sorting
  • Raising awareness of festival goers to sort their own waste

In addition, we work with local suppliers and service providers to promote a circular and sustainable economy.


Even if this festival is still in its infancy, the visibility and impact it generates is no less, since more than 900,000 people were reached during the communication campaign for the first and second editions. We are aiming to double this number for this new edition.

Development perspective

The success of the previous editions encourages us to continue and reinforces our objective of repeating other editions in the years to come, in a more extraordinary way, in larger exceptional places.

The Geneva Arena is the next step for the third edition, which we would like to take with you.

Origin of the Guest Artists

The ZIMIX Festival’s mission is to invite artists from Africa, the Caribbean and Cape Verde to celebrate Afro musical diversity with Swiss artists.

Musical genres

The musical genres highlighted at the ZIMIX Festival are mainly around Afro music.


Following the success of music concerts organized for several years in Switzerland, MKC EVENTS launched its first festival around intercultural diversity.

The objective is to bring together the Swiss population around contemporary music, entrepreneurship and cultural values.

Edition in Lausanne

Edition at Renens

Edition at Renens